Sunday, February 14, 2016

mongooses (mongeese?)

I completely forgot, when I was writing about the tent village.  Before arriving, we were warned that there are snakes in the area, but that we would be safe because there are also mongooses, which kill the snakes.  People were naturally concerned about whether the snakes could get into the tents.  "Oh," we were told, "you don't have to worry about that.  But you need to keep all your luggage tightly closed because the mongooses get into suitcases and eat everything."
   Charllotte told us that the mongooses know about suitcases and that there are good things inside them.  These animals are long and narrow, and can squeeze in if a zipper is even slightly open.  They can also use their noses to push zippers further open.  One once got into her suitcase and ate all her Immodium and ExLax.  At least, we all snickered, the animal's digestive system would be balanced.
  Apparently, they will eat just about anything.  Other medications.  Coffee beans and ground coffee.  Toothpaste.  They also chew on fabric.  This last was a big concern, since we have all bought embroideries, woven items, scarves and shawls.  (Even me, I confess.  I know you are all shocked.)
  I was hoping to see a mongoose, but alas, no one did during our time in the desert.

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