Saturday, February 6, 2016


Delhi is both old and New Delhi, and the area has as big a population as the whole of Canada.  We visited two historic sites and then took a bicycle rickshaw ride through a bazaar.
The red Fort withstood all attempts to take it until the Mughuls arrived in the 1500s.  (Please note, my historical details may be inaccurate at times, as we learned a lot in a relatively short time and I don't always trust my memory.)  The fort has three thick and high walls, drawbridges, narrow winding approaching, and two moats.  One moat held crocodiles, the other had hungry lions and tigers.
   I've been very impressed with the care of execution of decorative details used.  The Hindus include many beautiful images in their buildings, but the Mughuls were muslim and their religion forbids realistic images of people and deities..  The above picture shows that they defaced all the lovely carvings and other images, so as not to offend their religion.  Below, though, you can see how beautiful the carvings were.  Considering how laborious the building techniques were at the time, the extra work for cosmetic purposes only is even more impressive.

We saw the six-pointed star in many places.
 I usually assume this star is the mogendovid, or Star of David and associate it with the Jewish religion, but here it represents ying and yang, the entwining of men and women.  It's usually shown like this, with a representation of a lotus flower in the center.
  In one of the fort's courtyards is this iron pillar.
No one knows why it was built or what it represents, but it has stood here for 1700 years.  It is apparently the only iron that does not rust, and I was unable to find any information on why or how it has this remarkable property.
The above shows you the written Hindi language.  Isn't it beautiful?

The women here wear many layers of clothing.  Pants or a long skirt, a long tunic, and a large scarf that usually also covers the head.  Or they wear saris.  All the clothes are in vivid colours.  In general only muslims wear green and only hindus wear red, but you see every possible colour.

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