Friday, April 9, 2010

Hulang Bay, Vietnam

Our second stop in Vietnam was this lovely area.  I've always wanted to see the South China Sea, with it's outcrops of rock sticking up above the water, each one wearing a wig of greenery.  I wasn't able to get about here, but luckily my kids took some great pictures.

This is the sort of thing I mean.  Isn't it beautiful?

These rocks are known as the kissing rocks, because they lean towards each other without quite touching.

This photo is a little blurry to give them some privacy.  Here they are again, from a different angle.

   And here it is again, serving as backdrop for my two equally beautiful children.

The tour they went on included a boat ride through this area, and a stop on an island which held a cave.  The above sign was in the cave.  Here are a couple of pictures of it.

The kids told me it was very beautiful, but also very crowded.  The only way to get to the cave way by boat, and this tour, cruise and cave, was very popular.

All of the boats jammed in together here are tourist boats.

Other than boat tours, there were many other things to see in Vietnam.  A couple of my friends, instead of taking a regular organized tour, hired a taxi, which is most cases was a motorcycle.  Riding around on the back of a bike is a good way to see things, because the driver knows the area and can take you to the sorts of things you want to see, or take you to his favorite place.  Motorcycle taxis were common in Cambodia and India, too.

Since he was on a boat, Jesse had to be piratical.  Here he is, with the equally piratical Sasha, one of Melissa's good friends from the cruise.

Pirates are supposed to climb masts with knives held in their teeth.  Jesse didn't have a knife, but he did climb.  Melissa also attempted to climb but, while no one noticed Jesse, her climb did catch the eye of someone official, and so she had to come down without reaching the top.

Sorry, this seems to be more a family album than a travel piece, but Sasha took some very good pictures.  Here is one of my piratical children.

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