Friday, May 7, 2010

Standing on My Own Two Feet

On May 5th, exactly two months after the fall that broke my ankle, I stood on both my feet, with the weight distributed equally between them.  This was a Big Deal!
I can't put any more weight than that on the right foot, but it is progress.  The cast came off on May 3rd, which was a Very Welcome event.  I have a walking boot now, which is something like a ski book that goes up to my knee.  I can take it off at night, and whenever I am sitting for a while.  I do stretches and circles with the ankle, which currently has very limited motion.  It is slowly improving, though, which I guess is the best I can hope for.
  I am home now, but I still have more things to post about the cruise.  And, since I now don't have to pay for Internet by the minute, I can upload more photos.  So stay tuned to this spot!
  I seem to be in a mood to use Capital Letters and exclamation marks!


  1. Glad to hear you're a bit more mobile. My sister smashed her ankle many years ago. Surgeries, crutches - the works! It did take time for her to get the range of motion she had but it did come back. And she has a great predicter of weather now! ha! ha! Take care!