Friday, March 26, 2010

Tala Game Reserve

Tala reserve is about an hour bus ride outside the South African town of Port Elizabeth.  It is larger than Addo, and it was apparent from when we first arrived, it has more money.   Buildings were fancier, and more spacious.  There were more people working there, and in a larger variety of jobs. 
  The important thing, though, is that the wildlife in both parks were thriving.
This is an acacia tree.  It has lots of leaves, but also a lot of thorns.  It is the favorite food of:

Girafffe lips are prehensile.  And, they contain no nerve endings.  Weird, but apparently true, as this enables the giraffes to eat their prickly food without suffering constant pain.

Mmmmm, yummy!


This is a vervet monkey.

An ostrich in the wild.  And now, I did not get to sit on him.

South Africa has buffalo and wildebeest.  I think these are wildebeest, but am open to being corrected.

Zebras are beautiful, and each one's stripe pattern is unique.

What, haven't you seen a zebra crossing before?

More wildlife coming soon . . .

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