Sunday, February 14, 2010


Here we are, in the middle of nowhere.  The water out here is a rich blue, clean and clear and deep.  Internet is a little less reliable and often slower, which doesn't make sense, because we aren't any farther from the satellite.  And, even more surprising, there are no satellite TV dishes anywhere, which means we can't watch Olympics!  I'm sure you are all feeling deep sympathy for me.
  The trip is a third over, and I'm already thinking of what it will be like when I get home, and if I want fruit salad, I not only have to go shopping for the fruit, I have to chop it myself.  We really do get pampered here.
  Today was the fifth day of the eight day passage between South America and Namibia.  The time is going quite fast, because there are so many things to do on board.  Out of the five days, we've moved our clocks ahead one hour on three of them, and will do so again tomorrow.  No change today, I guess someone decided we should get a break on Valentine's Day.  Going this direction is unusual, the cruises usually go the other way, so the ships gain time instead of losing it.  Someone said we're doing it this way so we can arrive in Japan during cherry blossom time which, if true, makes all the jet lag, or rather ship lag fatigue worth while.  And we'll experience a full day twice, I think it's April 19th, when we cross the date line.

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